Gizo market to relocate this weekend: PS



GIZO market venders will temporarily be relocated to the MSG building to make way for constructions of a new re-developed market house funded by the Australian Government.

Western Provincial Secretary, Jeffery Wickham yesterday confirmed that on Saturday market venders from surrounding islands are expected to relocate to the MSG building.

He said awareness programmes will soon be carried out in preparation of the relocation to the new site.

“I would like to encourage venders from surrounding Islands and Gizo residence to look after the building and clean the compound at all times.

“MSG building is center at the heart of Gizo town. Therefore be responsible to help the responsible authorities to look after our provincial capital town with proper waste management.

Wickham called on market vendors from Ranonga, Simbo, Vella la Vella, Kolombangara islands and Gizo residents to be prepared to move over to the site.

Vender team Leader, Joseph Hiele yesterday said venders are now prepared to relocate and they are all looking forward to see the new re-developed market for Gizo town.

He said the vendors are now prepared to build their own sites for their own stalls and well planned for the walkway for betel nut chewers to use at the back of the MSG building.

Hiele encourages vendors from surrounding islands and chewers to throw their rubbish at the right place so that everyone can enjoy their daily income services for customers.

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