Gizo/ Kolombangara in tight race as by-election looms



POLITICAL rivals in the Gizo/ Kolombangara are encouraging voters to think wisely before they vote as the by-election date approaches for the constituency.

People living around Gizo urban and rural areas are in a tight race with their intending candidates, meaning the by-election political race will affect human activities within families, communities, churches and tribes.

A Mr Andrew Koke told Island Sun Gizo yesterday that a lot of doubts are going on as some voters are still in a tight race among candidates as the by-election looms closer.

Koke encourages people to think for themselves and not to vote according to other people’s whims.

“There are few people that never participate in any community development plans who start to jump up and down trying to be a leader in this upcoming by-election political battle.

“We should do away with those candidates who influence voters with money.

“We people are to decide who should be in power to be our voice, ear and mouth in parliament to lead Gizo/Kolombangara Constituency.”

Koke said voters must look for the right leader or person who will lead Gizo/Kolombangara constituency.

He urges everyone to at least try and make this by-election as clean as possible.

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