Gizo CAUSE establishes platform for women economic empowerment

One of the projects being worked under the CAUSE programme in Gizo
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COMMUNITY Access and Urban Services Enhancement Project (CAUSE) in Gizo, Western Province is providing opportunities for women and girls to participate in its programme.

Half of its employees are women and it was seen as true demonstration of gender equality, especially in areas of women economic empowerment.

Community Liaison Officer (CLO) of Gizo Project Implementation Unit (PIU) Penny Siliako said women are the most vulnerable in society and as such CAUSE Project in Gizo is encouraging more women to participate in various projects and training, they do.

He said most women recruited hold the position of team leaders in their respective work sites and CAUSE project Gizo will be recruiting 50 more women and girls to add to the numbers of women currently engaged in its projects.

“Our aim is to boost women’s economic opportunities, while also encouraging equality and coordinating anti-harassment and sexual violence campaigns. 

“Women eliminate gender stereotypes when they participate in activities with this type of involvement and it is a strategy that goes beyond the scope of the project.

“We believe that workers who participate in this type of work will have a more open attitude towards women in their own societies or when they leave to work on other sites.

“We continue to encourage more women and girls (16 years and older) who are doing nothing to come forward and join our 7-day ISDT training in order to be eligible to work in the small construction projects that we are implementing.” Siliako said.