Gizo a rubbish-filled town



GIZO Town is in a mess with its street filled both sides with rubbish unchecked, and for months.

There is reportedly no attempt by Gizo Town Council to remove the rubbish, and members of public are continuing to add more to the piles every day.

A stock pile of rubbish at the main avenue which has caused a lot of wonder by one prominent resident,

A Mr John Tano tells Island Sun that concerned members of public in Gizo are overwhelmed with surprise and distaste over the Gizo council’s negligence of duty by not cleaning up the town.

He said Gizo is a symbol of tourism for Solomon Islands, and to have its authority behave as such is just purely unacceptable.

He said the council should not wait until international cruise visits are announced before waking up to clean up the town.

Tano believes that cleaning up Gizo town must be a daily task, one that is done out of obligation to the township and its people and the province.

“As a tourism destination we must never sit back but change. The face of the town must be clean at all times.

“This mean that waste disposal is carried on daily basis and that those who responsible for keeping Gizo town unclean must now start to change.”

He is calling tourism division, GTC, business houses, private sector, NGOs and public to start to think better and change from older ways rather than we cannot just wait for big events such as a visit of a Cruise Ship before everyone pour onto the main street and clear up the place the Township.

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