Girls for change support each other

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BEING the only all-female group among the recipients, the Girls For Change are striving to do what they do best – to support each other.

Girls For Change president Karrie Jionisi sees the signing agreement as a milestone achievement for her group.

Girls For Change is a community of interest group or a network of young women that works to improve the lives of single mothers in Honiara. They operate more on ad hoc basis with a fixed meeting location.

Karrie says their project will focus on capacity building trainings for out of school and single mothers to have the right skills and learn to have the self-confidence to participate in socio-economic activities.

“This signing today was a very big achievement for us as a girls group. We see this as a milestone that will help us step forward and use this opportunity to help other girls in our community. While we will make at least small changes with this grant, we hope to make a bigger impact to the lives of our girls.”

Keep Clean Commission

Evolved out from a thriving local boy band, N2Y Active Citizens is a community-based youth group at Naha 2 representing the young population of over 40 homes.

N2Y aims to redevelop their community’s landscape with the combination of road work, gardening and recycling means.

“On behalf of the Naha 2 Youth group, I’d like to thank Oxfam and its partners for giving us this opportunity to improve our community through our Keep Clean Commission Project that aims to give a landscape development to our community as well as establish a workforce opportunity for our unemployed youths,” says Sam Ziokera, vice president of N2Y.

“Our youth group joined the Statim Faia program earlier this year and we went through many workshops and trainings to prepare us to effectively execute our project. I am confident that we will achieve what we planned.”


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