Get prepared for developments ahead: Suidani



PREMIER of Malaita province, Daniel Suidani has called on his people of west Fataleka and the province to prepare for developments ahead.

He made the call during handover of a PCDF-funded market building to the people of Taeloa over the weekend.

“My good people of West Fataleka, you might hear stories of development support that is coming to Malaita province. Let me demystify and clarify any doubts in your mind about the sup-port.

“We know the State of Department of the United State of America have announced recently that Malaita province will be the focus of its $25m grant under their scale programme,” Suidani said.

He said in preparation for the support, people must work together to harness the benefits that will come under the programme and affiliated projects.

“I can assure you that west Fataleka and ward five will not benefit from this support if we are not ready to work together as one people.

“I urge you to start organising yourselves in readiness of the support. It’s time we must talk together as tribes or families in readiness.

“Let’s not have the attitude of waiting for things to be put on a plate for you. That attitude will not bring any good to us or our communities.

“Let’s not wait for others to tell us what to do rather let’s put our God’s given knowledge and wisdom into good use and in preparation for the opportunities. We cannot sit and wait and hopping change will somehow appear like a miracle to us.

“I believe west Fataleka will continue to contribute to the development of the province and push the boundary frontier of development to ensure our place continues to move on the right development trajectory.

“No that will never happen. We will have to get involve and get organise.”

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