Gap in govt payment affects road project: Bartlett


Hatanga Managing Director Mr Jay Bartlett

HATANGA Ltd has confirmed to the paper that government still owes the company a sizeable amount of SBD currency.

According to the information shared by Hatanga Managing Director, it’s extremely difficult to work and keep continuing while not getting paid.

Mr Jay Bartlett said that his company has offered the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) all the relevant notices to inform them of the company’s intention to terminate and demobilise.

Hatanga Ltd has given the government ample time and opportunity to rectify the unfortunate situation to a point whereby the businessman realised the only wise decision is to halt the North Malaita Road Project (NMRP) and terminate the existing legal contract they have with MID.

The contract was terminated due to Government defaulting on the payment terms within the contract, says Bartlett.

The last time that the company received any form of down payment from the government was in December 2016 and the latter months between March 2017 to November 2017 has been confirmed SIG’s due.

Acting Permanent Secretary of MID also reaffirmed that it is the right of the contractor to terminate a contract under provisions of the contract if the employer does not fulfil part of its obligation.

Mr Jimmy Nuake also added that the employer did put in an effort to settle outstanding payments on time but unfortunately it did not workout has planned so now a new contract will have to be procured in order to ensure continuation of the NMRP.

According to the PS (Ag) the North Malaita Road Project is definitely part of 2018’s work plan.

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