Gambling rife in Gizo  


GAMBLING in the form of card games, guised as fundraising is rampant in Gizo, and this is irking concerned residents who are questioning their provincial authorities why this is being allowed to happen.

There are also rumours that provincial politicians have granted licence for public fundraising to certain individuals only.

A Mr Andrew Koke yesterday said that this is not in line with the games and lottery act.

He says that there other groups who need the opportunity to raise funds such as schools, church groups and community groups.

But, they cannot because the licences have been given to other people.

“A number of groups around Gizo continue to entertain illegal card games all over Gizo.”

He said the games and lottery act has a committee which puts guidelines on certain period of time.

Koke calls for the TPS to facilitate enquiries or set up office in Gizo to monitor these public running card games daily.

He advises the new Western provincial government to seriously address this issue.

This paper understands that Provincial Secretary (PS) Jeffrey Wickham had suspended rasing money through card games within the province on September 4 last year.

The suspension follows card games contravening section 14 and 15 of the gaming and lottery Act.

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