Galovarani tribe receive logging company support

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GALOVARANI tribe of Katupika, Ward 2, at South Choiseul Province recently received beneficial livelihood support from a logging company operating in their land.

Over the weekend, a land cruiser vehicle, an OBM with a 40 hp engine plus 23 Rotomould drinking water tanks (2000 litres) were shipped to South Choiseul after receiving the support from Malaysian logging company called Sktwawasan Limited.

According to the Chief, Trustees and spokesman for Galovarani tribe Mr Alva Galo, what their tribe has received should be an encouragement for landowners at their area to work positively with logging companies for tangible developments.

He said after disturbances to the logging company at where it was first operating during 2014, their tribe took partnership with Sktwawasan Ltd since 2016 in which they made a supplementary agreement for support seeing the company assisting much so far.

“First was a portable saw mill to provide housing scheme. Now we have received and OBM plus its engine, a land cruiser and water tanks,” said Galo.

The logging company is said to support the locals through education and medical areas as well. This includes providing development of sport fields and landscaping new villages to be built. Its operation so far is said to generate cash flow for the people.

Mr Galo wants to remind local landowners that what they are receiving is an example of working together rather than creating negativity all the time such as raising land dispute cases.

“Court will not sort development to take place in the country,” said Galo.

“Stop blaming investors for our downfall and let us work together. They have the potential for development so we should combine positively to achieve our goals.”

The water tanks recently received are said to be for the majority population living on islands because they are far from the main water sources of the mainland.

For the OBM and its engine, it is for the tribe trustees purposely to work with. The vehicle land cruiser is to help farmers and operation areas.

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