G-province commended for leadership in development


GUADALCANAL province has been commended for their contributions to the country on its Second Appointed Day, August 3, by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance minister Manasseh Sogavare.

He congratulated Premier Anthony Veke and the people of Guadalcanal for the hard work they have done in developing the province.

“Warm greetings and hearty congratulations to you and your good people of Guadalcanal province in the commemoration and celebration of this very important day of your province. It marks the 34th anniversary of your second appointed day and I wish you God’s blessing and all success in the years to come,” said Sogavare.

He stated d that their province’s contribution towards the development of the country is enormous.

In this regard, Sogavare voiced that apart from hosting the country’s seat of government and the only major commercial industrial centre, the province also accommodates major developments that keep the economy running.

Moreover, while thanking the province for taking the lead in opening their land for development to progress, he mentioned that the government had very difficult times in telling this to other provinces which have projects as old as the country that are still not off the ground yet due to land disputes.

Addressing the Premier and people of Guadalcanal province in the National Museum’s auditorium, he said that they have their own issues over land but see beyond their own little disputes with more interest weighed on the national level.

He pointed out that the proposed extension of palm oil development in east Guadalcanal is one example of Guadalcanal’s quest for development to unravel and described the initiative as something big, probably three times bigger than GIPPOL with prospect of providing about 12,000 jobs.

“I want to take my hat off to the people of Guadalcanal for taking that leadership and maybe continue to take that leadership so that other provinces can see that. Because when we open our land, development will happen,” said Sogavare.

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