‘Futsal on right track’

Former Kurukuru coach Juliano Schmeling.
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Former Kurukuru coach impressed with developments


THE Solomon Islands National Futsal team former head coach, Juliano Schmeling has been impressed with the futsal facilities development taking shape in the country at the moment in which he describing it fulfilling the strive to reach professional level making a history.

Speaking in a Facebook Live Chat on Tuesday night, the Brazilian said that facilities development is part of a process to achieve international status.

“Just last week I saw that the usual Multi-Purpose development, they are extending it, these will be history for the country,” Coach Schmeling expressed.

The Brazilian who is familiar with the evolution of futsal since 2012 as an advisor then coach said the game is on the right path.

“Now the facility will be of international size, fitting for more competitive competitions, club developments. I believe the next step is seeing futsal players overseas differently,” he said.

During his time in the country, Schmeling was influential in the recruitment of Kurukuru playmakers, Elliot Ragamo and George Stevenson for trials in Brazil.

“The players can be professionals, but it’s a part of a process fulfilling,” Schmeling added.

Meanwhile, the national government has secured necessary donor funds to build a dedicated Multi-Purpose Futsal Hall, while the New Zealand government aid programme in partnership with Honiara City Council (HCC) nears completing other facilities also for the game.

Multi facility also to host futsal nears completition Photo New Zealand High Commission. PHOTO NEW ZEALND HIGH COMMISSION.