Funds and expertise for Infrastructure Development lacking: SI Post


SOLOMON Island Postal Corporation can only proceed with the new mobile wallet service project with commitment from Funding Agencies.

This was expressed in the corporation’s report which voices that at the moment, they lack funds and expertise for technical and infrastructure development and digital service integration.

Meanwhile, Solomon Post mentions that there is ongoing milestone monitoring for each project team to ensure that their schedule is being met and budgetary overruns are avoided.

“Solomon Islands Postal Corporation procurement guidelines will be followed and ongoing system reporting will be available. Supplier liaison will occur with the project team while initial training and integration assistance will be made available from the supplier”, the report said.

Moreover, Solomon Post stressed that the underpinnings of the project rely on customer registration, agent and merchant recruitment, transaction volume, tariffs and service offering.

Additionally stated is that monitoring of the above areas and having a compliant system implementation will determine the overall success of the digitization and integration of the mobile wallet service within the Solomon Islands Postal Corporation.

The Solomon Post report furthers that a few areas of concern, specifically include digital services, customer retention and acquisition, continuing financial viability of the Solomon Islands Postal Corporation, financial inclusion and international remittances and money transfers.

“By addressing these areas of concern Solomon Islands Postal Corporation will be able to digitize services that will restore the relevance of the postal service, achieve our core business objectives, restore profitability and provide new services to the people of the Solomon Islands”, the report said.

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