Fund raising to help Andy

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    DEAR EDITOR, I have read that local fund raising is still continuing to help get 13 –year old Andy Toloubua, who is said to be suffering from a heart condition needing surgery in Australia.

    I thank all those who have donated to help Andy and his parents get the necessary funds required for the expensive air journey, for hospital admission, surgery and accommodation.

    I express my particular thanks to the Hon MP of Parliament for West Honiara, Nanson Tran, for his kind donation of S10,000 to Andy’s parents, Jimmy and Nester.

    I hope there will soon be enough money raised to ensure Andy leaves for his overseas treatment very soon and that he will make a complete recovery.

    My thanks are also extended to the Australian doctors that first diagnosed Andy’s medical condition and advised on a treatment plan.

    Yours sincerely

    Frank Short

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