Fugui disappointed over short time given to MPs with ACB report

By Gary Hatigeva

MP for Central Honiara, Moffat Fugui

MEMBER of Parliament for Central Honiara, Moffat Fugui has expressed disappointments over the short time frame given to members, especially those from the opposition and independent groups, to go through the report of the Anti-Corruption Bill 2017, in preparation for its deliberation.

Following its first and second readings, th government went on to push for the Bill to be debated, which according to Fugui, was short notice for them as the report was only served to them in the morning of its insertion to the business of parliament.

This according to most opposition and independent MPs interviewed has resulted in decisions by members to skip the second set of sitting in the afternoon, which also forced an adjournment to all debates.

Fugui however stressed that with such an important bill, it was also important that those who will debate it are well prepared so the matters highlighted are well within the bill.

In acknowledging the Prime Minister over what he described as a brave move, the Central Honiara MP expressed his disappointment over the little time MPs were given to prepare themselves to engage in debate on what he also termed as a very significant legislation bill.

The Central Honiara MP then pointed out that one of the reasons bills are afforded such time after bills are moved on the floor of parliament, is for members to have ample opportunity to prepare themselves for the ensuing debate

“Honourable speaker sir, unlike the flimsy reasons given, members of parliament in the end are not afforded the time necessary for preparations for debate on this bill,” the Independent MP said.

He added that in the absence of ample time in the first day of meeting, members of parliament had to vote with their feet, and not attending parliament in the afternoon

He further added that the PM and the Speaker should realise this and ensure it does not happen in similar situation in the future, with regards to important bills as such.

“So do the right thing”.

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