From recruiting SI workers to connecting schools


In Brisbane

Kerry McCarthy of Gracekate Farms speaking at the 10th Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum on Thursday.

AN Australian farm owner who employees Solomon Islands seasonal worker is hoping to establish relationship with five schools on Malaita Province.

Co-owner of Gracekate Farms Kerry McCarthy will be in Malaita Province next week to visit Oneone Primary School, Kware Community High School, Dala North, Alotaa in Langalanga and Auki Community High School.

Children and relatives of some seasonal workers working for GraceKate Farms attend the five schools on Malaita.

Mrs McCarthy said she is hoping to establish relationship between the Malaita schools and Scots PGC College in Queensland where her three children attend.

She has established good relationship with her Solomon Islands seasonal workers so much so that they have become like part of her family.

“And Scots College approaches us if they can send students and teachers to Solomon Islands on school tours,” she told participants at the 10th Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum in Brisbane yesterday.

Mrs McCarthy travels to Honiara today (Friday) with two teachers and three students of Scots College for an initial risk assessment.

“If Scots College is happy, then it will be sending up to 20 students and two teachers for a school tours to the five schools on Malaita,” she told Island Sun yesterday.

This is just one example of how Gracekate Farms has forged a cordial relationship with Solomon Islands seasonal workers that has benefited both parties.

She said Solomon Islanders are hard workers under the Seasonal Workers Program (SWP) which is a win-win situation for both parties.

She relayed her successful partnership with Solomon Islands seasonal workers and she hopes other Approved Employers in Australia can emulate the same relationship.

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