Fresh water supply for Haukona village soon



HAUKONA village in central highlands of Are’are will soon receive its water supply under the RWASH programme.

Chief Environmental Health Inspector of Malaita Province, Ms Gloria Siwainao told this paper that materials for construction of the new water supply are on site as work is expected to commence soon.

She said yesterday that as part of the work a team from her office will leave for Haukona village very soon for a week of pre-construction workshop training to the villagers.

Siwainao said the training is purposely to let the villagers understand their responsibilities or role they expect to play during and after the execution of the project.

She said the training is very important as one main focus area it looks at is to allow villagers to manage the project.

Siwainao said they will largely look at sustainability of the water supply project to maintain its value or usefulness in a long run.

She said there were scenarios been experienced by her office that sustainability is very lucking with many water supply projects in the province.

Adding that as a result people usually tend to seek assistance for maintenance of their water supply sometimes not really long after the completion of the project.

Siwainao reiterated that the training was very important as it will allow those will benefit from the project to understand their responsibility on the project.

She said the workshop is expected soon and as a long as it completes the implementation of the water will begin.

Siwainao said Haukona water supply project was one among three other water supply projects her office expects to complete this year.

She said the other projects were, a water supply for Riaa’oa’o village in East Are Are and Elite village in Small Malaita.

Siwainao said the project was funded EU through the RWASH programme under the Ministry of health and Medical Service.

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