Four other names revealed in court


FOUR others, apart from the accused Dickson Panakitasi Mua, had their names revealed in court during trial yesterday.

The trial into the case against the outgoing Member of Parliament for Savo/Russell is currently underway at the Honiara Magistrate Court.

The then Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Moses Virivolomo, told the court that the dying days of the former PM Lilo-government cabinet had approved an extra $10million allocation through the contingency warrant for shipping grant.

He said three constituencies received $3million each while two other constituencies shared the remaining $1million.

He said constituencies receiving the shipping grant on December 31, 2013 were Savo/Russell constituency, North Malaita constituency, Malaita Outer Islands, North East Guadalcanal and East Guadalcanal constituencies.

Virivolomo said Savo/Russell, North Malaita and MOI constituencies received $3million each while North East Guadalcanal received $300,000 and East Guadalcanal received $700,000.

The money was raised by the MID on December 31, 2013 around midday just before the closure of the Treasury to be paid to those constituencies.

Virivolomo when asked whether they submitted an application to obtain the grants, he said yes they do but with very limited requirements.

However he said that they are just facilitating it but the approval was given by the cabinet during that time.

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