Fotana tribe offers land for airport

Allan Siau of Fotana Tribe in East Fataleka gives the concept plan to establish a third International Airport on their land to Acting Prime Minister, Manasseh Maelanga in Cabinet.
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THE Fotana Tribe in Ward 14 on East Fataleka in Malaita Province has offered its land to the Government to build a third international airport.

The tribal members last Friday met with Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga and handed him the concept plan.

They were accompanied by Member of Parliament for Fataleka and Minister of National Planning and Development Coordination, Rexon Ramofafia.

This is to allow responsible ministries like Ministry of Communication and Aviation and Ministry of Infrastructure Development to carry out a feasibility study on the land.

Allan Siau of Fotana Tribe with MP for Fataleka, Rexson Ramofafia with the concept plan to establish a third International airport on Malaita.

Co-chair of the voluntarily team that push for the concept plan, Allan Siau said the idea behind is to attract tourism and curb urban migration to Honiara City.

Siau said since Independence in 1978, Malaitans have migrated to Honiara and other provinces in search of economic opportunities.

He said the team believe in creating another economic hub for this country to allow Malaitans to work on their land.

Siau said the concept is part of COVID-19 Free Agro Tourism Investment.

Proposed site for Fotana sea port

Maelanga was happy to see the initiative offered by the Fotana Tribe.

He assured the team to take up the concept plan in Cabinet for discussion so that relevant ministries can pursue the feasibility study on the land.