Former covid patients cannot be reached

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AUTHORITIES are reportedly having a hard time contacting the 10 former covid-19 patients who are being sought to undergo a re-test.

The 10 had previously recovered and tested negative before being released back to society, but due to the new covid-19 strain, government is seeking to have them re-tested to make sure the virus does not pop back up again.

They are being requested to make contact with covid authorities for check-up.

According to the National Health Emergency Operation Center (NHEOC) Situation Report No 26 issued it stressed difficulties encountered in reaching some of the ex-positives.

“There has been some difficulties encountered in reaching some of the ex-positives via phone due to phones powered off, switching of sim cards etc. A call for family members to intervene and assist health,” the report said.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in his nation-wide address on Monday said It is an offence to ignore public health directives under the current state of Public Emergency. If any of the 10 people do not make contact immediately or are lost to follow-up, they could face prosecution.

“It is extremely important that these 10 previously positive COVID-19 people that had been released over the past two months to come in for your follow-up checks and repeat swabs without fail this week.

“We want to make sure that all the 10 people we have discharged over the past 2 months are still negative.

“So, if you are one of these 10 people, please contact the Ministry of Health immediate on Hotline 115 or 25256 this week to arrange for your follow-up and repeat swabs.

“If you are in a province, you may also contact these two numbers or you may go to your nearest health centre or the provincial hospital for your follow-up and they will make arrangements for your repeat swab to be collected,” said Sogavare.