Former councillor says ACB, WBB will curb corruption

By Mike Puia

FORMER councillor of the Honiara Town Council HTC, now Honiara City Council (HCC), Charles Lesimaoma, believes the Anti-Corruption Bill (ACB) and Whistle Blower Bill (WBB) can fight corruption in this country.

The ACB and WBB are two of the eight bills now before parliament.

The government, under the leadership of Rick Hou, will deliberate on these bills when parliament resumes next week.

Mr Lesimaoma, who worked for the HTC (now HCC) for 12 years, said corruption is high here and the introduction of these laws will help curb it.

He said the ACB and WBB are bills the last government has strongly talked about.

The former ward-1 councillor said these bills have raised public expectation but was dropped in parliament in the end.

“There was a general expectation that these bills to be passed but there was a change in government,” Lesimaoma said.

He said the current government should use its short time in office to have the two bills passed.

“Having these bills (ACB & WBB) passed should be a wonderful gift the government present to the people of this country before its leave,” Lesimaoma said.

He took the opportunity to acknowledge Prime Minister Hou for displaying concern over government spending by way of enforcing cost-cutting measures shortly after assuming office.

Lesimaoma said added this country need leaders who are not self-serving and are role model for the public.

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