Former Councillor questions Ward Grants

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A concerned resident of Ngossi Ward One is pursing clarification over how and where their Ward Grant had been used or allocated.

Mr Charles Lesimaoma, a senior community leader and a former Councillor for Ward One HCC said, break down for Ward Grants are outlined clearly.

He said there has been some allocations that revealed specific events for the Ward Grants.

“Such as Christmas grant, Independent and Anniversary, Social and Cultural grant and Ward development grant for each year”, Lesimaoma said.

However, he said they have not received or heard anything from their Councillor since he took office.

Lesimaoma said huge sums of money are allocated for Wards.

He therefore urges their Councillor to clarify how the grants for their Ward has been used.

Lesimaoma said it is the people’s money.

In addition, Lesimaoma said, under accountability and transparency, he urged their City Member to explain how and where the allocated monies are being spent.

“If other national MPAs from other provincial governments are questioned over their usage and allocations of their Ward Grants then why not ours too” Lesimaoma said.

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