Former Central MPA calls for planning forum

A FORMER provincial member is calling on the Central Provincial government to host a public forum with the Planning and Development board.

Former MPA for South Gela ward John Steward Visivisi made the call, in light of new buildings increasingly erected without the approval of the Planning and development board in Tulagi.

He claimed some buildings are built too close to the access road which will affect any expansion plans in the future.

He said with the province proposing to apply a 15-meter expansion on road access around the township it will affect the properties owner as well hit back to the province in terms of compensation payment should there be a need for demolition exercise taking place.

He said the Planning and development board has failed to enforce its provincial plans for development of land in the province.

He said lack of action by planning and development board will cost the provincial government to pay compensation damage to property owners once expansion of town is needed in the future.

For this purpose, he calls on the provincial government to host a public forum to give opportunities for the public to share their thoughts and come up with better options to improve infrastructure in the province.

He said Tulaghi has a historically significant and proper planning is needed so that it does affects the future expansion of the township.

He said Tulagi has a potential on tourism any development took place must comply with the Town and Country planning board.

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