Former CDO’s case adjourns


THE court has again adjourned the case against a former Constituency Development Officer (CDO) and his co-accused to June 19 to allow the presiding magistrate to return from overseas before a ruling can be made on the case.

The case was mentioned in the Honiara Magistrate Court yesterday for ruling on the application submitted by Prosecution to amend the particulars of the charge against former CDO for Gao-Bugotu.

This case has gone through a trial in which the prosecution called their witnesses and gave evidence however, after closing their case prosecution made an application to amend the particulars of the second charge against the defendant.

They are alleged of having stolen sheets of roofing iron from the Gao-Bugotu Constituency.

Jimmy Dikamana and Lonsdale Tana was charged in relation to incidents which occurred in 2015.

Prosecution alleged that the two stole roofing iron from the constituency and sold them to other people.

The Office of the Director Public Prosecution appears for the crown.

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