Foreshore not lost on government: AG


THE issue of foreshore is not lost on government. The reassurance was made by Attorney General (AG) John Muria Jnr.

In response to queries by Island Sun on the issue of high and low watermark for the Coral Sea Cable project, Muria says the government is aware that the Honiara seafront is registered and the Trustees of the Low and High Water Mark are currently being consulted on the way forward for the cable project.

Earlier complaints had reached Island Sun by certain Guadalcanal people saying they weren’t consulted properly in the Cable project.

However the country’s newest AG says several meetings had been held between the “Trustees” and officials at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on the Honiara seafront. This consultation includes discussions with the Tandai House of Chiefs. Muria says this is to ensure an inclusive approach is taken with all stakeholders of the foreshore.

“Generally the trustees have indicated their support to the project,” Muria says. He said however, there are a few issues that are currently under discussions.

At the same time, the Attorney General says parties have agreed to negotiate a legally binding document that would pave the way for settling of issues surrounding the Honiara foreshore.

He said the document is currently being prepared and will be circulated to the “Trustees” and Tandai House of Chiefs for further discussion when complete.

The issue of foreshore had been an ongoing one for customary land owners. The Guadalcanal people concerned say they do not want to stop development, but are merely enquiring so that things are done the proper way.

Currently the Solomon Cable Company (SCC) is engaging Fletcher Kwaimani to lay land duct at the SMI site. Work is progressing for the Coral Sea Cable project with CEO, Keir Preedy saying the work is on track for the cable system installation.

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