Foreigner to appear in court again next week


THE case against a Bangladesh national was adjourned to June 22 for the accused to enter his plea.

In the previous session early this week, court was informed that the defence lawyer was sick, therefore the case was further adjourned for next week where a possible plea be entered by the accused.

This is the case of a Bangladesh national faced with counts of rape, indecent act, criminal trespass and count of intimidation.

Regarding the rape charge, police alleged that the accused raped an underage girl on unknown dates early this year.

Prosecution alleged that the Bangladeshi raped the 11-year-old girl in an area on East Honiara.

According to Police the case was reported to the Henderson police station by the mother of the victim.

Police said the victim’s mother called in at Henderson Police Station and reported that her daughter was raped by a Bangladesh national in his bedroom.

The mother said she only knew of the incident when she heard stories from other girls about what happened to her, it was at that time the mother asked her daughter and confirmed that the accused has been doing sexual action on her for about a week but she was afraid to tell anyone about it.

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