Bail varied for men in Jejevo incident

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Court has granted variation on bail conditions against men charged over an incident which occurred at Jejevo, Isabel Province early this year.

Defence Lawyer Lappy applied to the court to vary some of the bail conditions against the men to allow them to travel home while awaiting their trial to be held in August.

This is the case of five men accused to have involved in the incident that occurred on March 8 at Jejevo village, Katova district, Isabel province.

The men are facing counts of going armed in a public place, wilful and unlawful damage and criminal trespass.

Pleas of not guilty were entered and a trial date set for August 16 to 20.

Police said on March 8 a group of people armed with knives and axe and went inside the Jejevo community and destroyed properties at the estimated value of $350,000.

Police are advising people around the Katova area that investigation are still ongoing and are calling on the communities around Jejevo, Furona, Jajao and Hurepelo village in the Katova District to assist.

Police Prosecutions prosecuted the case in court.