Fled accused on displaced ATM arrested


POLICE has arrested a man Sunday morning, following a warrant of arrest issued by the Court on the accused. This is in relation to the alleged armed robbery incident where the ANZ ATM at the Kwaimani building was uprooted in 2014.

Police Commissioner Mathew Varley said the accused Dilo Faiga was arrested on Sunday around 4am at his home village in Manakwai.

Following an intelligent information, police went to Manakwai by boat and were shown his place. Police then surrounded the house before calling on him to come out of the house.

Commissioner Varley said Mr Faiga came out from the house with an axe in his hand and when police called out for him to drop the axe he did so as instructed. He was then arrested and transported to Auki before coming to Honiara.

Commissioner Varley said Faiga is currently in custody in relation to the case against him and his co-accused. Their cases were already been dealt with by the court and only Faiga’s case is pending because he absconds bail condition.

This is the case where police alleged that Dilo Faiga and the other co-accused were involved in the use of crow bars to lift the ATM into the waiting car and drove off to Henderson.

It was alleged that more than $400,000 was in that machine and they allegedly took more than $200,000 from the top tray as they cannot open the bottom tray.

According to police the men arrived at the building and threatened security guards by gun point and uprooted the machine.

After successfully uprooting the machine they dragged it to the waiting car and drove off to Henderson where they allegedly opened and stole the money from the top tray.

Police also alleged that the security guard who followed them on that night received $30,000 and that the money has not yet been recovered.

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