Fisheries Ministry prioritises excellence in the workplace

Participants and facilitators at PMP workshop
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THE Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) for the first time is conducting a Public Service Performance Management (PMP) refresher course for its senior staff.

With the theme ‘Effective implementation of performance management: Our strategic goal”, the workshop is said to be an intensive one for the staff of MFMR.

PS MFMR, Dr Christian Ramofafia

Speaking at the official opening of the workshop, Permanent Secretary of the MFMR says a lot of things will be covered in the workshop and staff will be better able to understand how things work within the PMP process.

“We will start to understand how we link our corporate plan, our individual work plan, and our division work plan to the PMP process,” Dr Christian Ramofafia said.

Mr Ramofafia said that the PMP process is a process for recognition of the performance of staff in the division. He continued to say that the PMP process is all about excellence in the workplace.

“It is all about you driving the change inside your division, your unit and your workplace that will affect the country. It is not about others but about you being able to excel in everything you do,” Ramofafia said.

He encouraged his staff to remember what they learn in the two day workshop and also to share experiences during the workshop.

“Be ready to be challenged. At the end of the day, it is you and your team,” Ramofafia said.

At the same time, speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Public Service (MPS) and officially opening the workshop, Jude Devesi, Supervising Under Secretary Governance encourages the participants to use this workshop to identify common challenges and shortfalls that hinder the delivery of PMP.

Supervising Under Secretary Governance (MPS) Jude Devesi

Mr Devesi says he hopes the workshop will help participants find better simple practical ways to address the problems encountered during implementation of PMP in MFMR.

“I am aware that one of the top priorities of MFMR is your organizational restructuring and increase capacity development. As one of the productive sector ministries with a key responsibility to generate income and offering fisheries services, there are on occasions the welfare and conditions of public servants perceived as second priority,” Devesi said.

However he said it is his hope that after completing the workshop, supervisors will be able recognise junior staff who have performed exceptionally well in leadership or delivering of assign projects and tasks inline to their respective job descriptions are recognised by MFMR and MPS.

“Hence these public officers are expecting promotion and increments at the beginning of a new year,” Devesi said.

“In order for this scenario to happen, both senior and junior officials must understand the process of developing and collectively implement PMP requirements.”

Island Sun understands that this refresher workshop is said to be in line with the Solomon Island Democratic Coalition for Change Government (SIDCCG) priorities targeting the public sector.

It is understood that this workshop supports the call to achieve one of SIDCCG major public service reform to deliver a workshop focusing on building confidence of public servants, capacity and leadership potential.

The workshop brought together senior staff from six divisions in the MFMR. The workshop concludes today.

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