Fish rockets in Auki



THE price of fish in Auki has said to soar in the past few days. In Auki, consumers are complaining about the increase of prices in fish, and are quite dissatisfied with the amount of fish they are getting for their money.

Auki Man Mr Henry Tuhu told Island Sun the current hike on fish price does not go down well with the consumers in Auki.

He said it is vividly clear on the price hike as it must be the law of demand vs supply.

Tuhu said the past couple of weeks, there has been a very low supply of fish stocks to the market resulting in the increase of the price, as demand for fish is quite high.

He said because the price of fish has gone up, processing market vendors selling fish and chips, barbecue fish among others are also placing an increase in their product prices.

Tuhu added that there are some who stick to their normal price but reduces the content of their product.

He said as currently experienced, tuna (bonito) and reef fish are selling in smaller volumes for the normal price. Tuhu said if small number of fishermen continues to supply the market, there’ll be no expected change on the price.

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