First two cruise ships arrive at Honiara tomorrow

The Ocean Dream cruise boat- Photo supply
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TWO cruise boats will arrive tomorrow in Honiara as the first of the cruise boats to kick-start tourism destination to Solomon Islands this year.

The boats are Ocean Dream ground to be hosted in Honiara by Travel Solomons Ltd, and Caledonia Sky will be looked after by Destination Solomons.

According to Travel Solomons, most of the tourists boarding the Ocean Dream are Japanese, and they will be in Honiara for the whole day.

During their visit, Travel Solomons will assist the visiting friends from Japan for a day tour at the WWII sites, take a glance at the country’s cultural artifacts and histories as well as carrying out city tours and beach snorkeling.

“We have collaborated with the police and they will be working to ensure the visitors are being looked after during their short visit here,” Mr John Foimua of Travel Solomons said.

In addition, the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) calls on the general public to cooperate as we play host to the visitors.

SIVB Senior Marketing Officer, Mr Ellison Kyere said SIVB is calling on the good people of Solomon Islands to continue to maintain respect and cooperation particularly since this will leave a lasting impression to tourists for this year.

He asked people to stay out from trouble and be friendly and assist visitors during their full day stay in Honiara.

Kyere said a positive experience will reflect Solomon Islands’ on the global market as a potential tourism destination and tourists will replicate interesting stories about Solomon Islands upon return to their own country.

He encourages citizens to continue to do the same for future ships schedule to visits Solomon Islands ahead.

Ocean Dream is a Japanese boat which has been visiting Solomon Islands twice already. This round about 1,300 visitors are onboard and they will arrive tomorrow at 10am and will depart 9pm.

Upon its departure, Foimua of Travel Solomons said there will be a cultural performance from one of the country’s cultural group inside the Ocean Dream to bid farewell to the visitors from Japan.

Meanwhile Caledonia Sky, the other cruise boat as of Tuesday February 20, 2018 has passed through Paeu village of Vanikoro Island, Temotu province and Gupuna village, Port Mary Harbour, Santa Ana Island of Makira province.

It is expected to arrive at the Honiara International port around 8am for a full day visit to the country’s iconic sites and will depart by 6pm.

This year, a total of 11 boats will visit Solomon Islands, and the next cruise boat will be on March 1.