Finance Ministry proud of SOE new website

Leaders of the country’s SOEs and donor partners who have convened at the Mendana Hotel on Monday to officially launch the SOEs new website
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MINISTRY of Finance and Treasury (MoFT) is has hailed the newly launched website for the country’s state-owned enterprises (SOE) as a milestone achievement.

The website was launched yesterday at the Mendana Hotel.

MoFT’s Permanent Secretary Mr Harry Kuma in his keynote address at the launching ceremony said the Ministry is proud that the country’s eight SOEs have a new website as part of the government’s commitment towards its service deliveries.

“I am proud to announce that with the launch of this website, Solomon Islands becomes first Melanesian country, and second in the pacific to make this range of public enterprise performance data available online.”

He said the achievement is consistent with government’s commitment to increase transparency.

It is their responsibility as a government to ensure proper stewardship of the investment which the eight SOEs put together – with an estimated SBD$1.8 billion in assets.

Kuma recognises the hard work of its staff with support from the ADB which made it possible for citizens to access information on SOEs online.

ADB Solomon Islands Unit Head Mr Amila Salgado congratulated the Minister and his team for making the website possible with support from donor partners.

“I would like to congratulate the Minister and his team for making the website possible, and I thank the government of Australia and New Zealand for their partnership under PSDI,” Salgado said.

Solomon Islands comprises of eight SOE portfolios which pool together an estimated SBD$1.8 billion in assets.

The SOEs are diverse but most are linked by their common feature of core service deliveries.