Fear causes illegal route taken, nuisance caused for public

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    FEAR from usual threats of asking money and causing nuisance to public buses along the Kobito and Borderline bus stops affect certain drivers to not drive legally along legal public bus routes.

    This is according to a certain young public bus driver and his bus fare conductor when asked yesterday.

    A current practice many from the public have been victimised of in recent days is certain buses picking passengers at the SDA bus stop area behind off-shore the Hot Bread Kitchen shouting “Kobito, Kolaridge” end up not driving passengers up along the Vura road but between the Kukum SDA and old HCC labour-line road turning up the Kolaridge road and passing Florence Young Christian School (FYCS).

    This adds problem for passengers as many in the public buses travelling live along the Fulisango, Zion, Green Valley and Borderline side of Honiara in which they will only be dropped along the Green Tank area at East Kolaridge causing difficult option for them either to walk or try waiting to stop another public transport that comes their way causing frustration.

    Members of the public are now calling for the Honiara City Council (HCC) Law Enforcement and the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) to step-up in ensuring that such areas of high bad social behaviours in Honiara are usually monitored for the safety of the public as well as to check on certain formed short bus routes by public buses if or whether such practise is legal or not.

    “It was frustrating seeing it already being dark and instead of heading straight up along the destiny of our homes at Borderline, we were driven back along the PORTS road past Mbua Valley road only to be dropped at East Kolaridge causing me and my family to walk for another kilometre and a half before finally reaching our home territory,” complained Thomas Ulu, a parent over the weekend at Borderline Bus Stop.

    Similar concerns have been raised towards public buses taking such route in which some observe that certain public buses are only taking advantage of making more money by breaking the law in creating their own bus routes.

    “These are situations that if the responsible authorities look after properly under the laws of the Crown then such would not occur causing problems and difficulty for us innocent people,” raised members of the general public.

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