Experts visit TSI

Transparency International Secretariat Team with Transparency Solomon Islands Staff, Chairperson Florence Naesol
and Board Member Tony Hugh

TRANSPARENCY International is the leading civil society organisation fighting corruption around the world, with national partners (chapters) operating in over 120 countries in all continents.

“This visit is part of an effort to increase presence and effectiveness in the fight against corruption in the Pacific region, two Berlin based experts, Nikola Sandoval and Alejandro Salas, are visiting the Solomon Islands with the aim of recognising the notable efforts developed by local partner Transparency Solomon Islands, and to better inform the regional strategy that the global NGO will pursue in the coming years in the Pacific,” says Ruth Liloqula, the Executive Officer of the Solomon Islands Chapter.

So far, the team has visited Papua New Guinea and are currently in Solomon Islands. Their next stop will be Vanuatu,” Liloqula added.

Sandoval and Salas, have first-hand understanding of the damaging effects that deeply rooted corruption has on the citizens of their countries of origin, the Philippines and Mexico respectively, and several years of experience promoting anti-corruption work globally.

They have committed the support of the global organisation to boost the work of Transparency Solomon Islands, and through them to any in institution in the country that wants to enter into constructive dialogue and improve governance and the quality of life of citizens.

Mr Salas said, “Transparency Solomon Islands is doing a fantastic job by monitoring developments in the country, providing technical knowledge and advice to improve the legal frameworks and institutions that are needed to curb corruption.

“In this respect, we are particularly supportive of the initiative and efforts of the Prime Minister to pass a sound and well thought through anticorruption bill.

“We are hopeful that the legislation will be approved as a matter of national priority.”

Ms Sandoval added that “Transparency Solomon Islands follows a clever strategic approach, on the one hand contributing to reforms that will control and punish corruption, and on the other hand are actively promoting dialogue around the country to support citizens to defend themselves from abuse and making them aware of the damaging effects that corruption has in the quality of their and their families lives”.


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