Exhibition for math as a fun subject


MATHEMATICS is one of the most disliked subjects in school. On Saturday, a mini math exhibition show was held to bring to life math as an interesting subject. Organized by Cruise Math Academy, located in China town, this mini exhibition was purposely to show that Math is not as dull as most might think it to be. Speaking to Island Sun, Mrs. Felicity Malcolms, commonly known as Mrs. Malcolms said all along, math had been the subject that students struggle to understand.

A teacher for more than 20 years, Mrs. Malcolms said she decided to run this math academy to assist students who find mathematics difficult mainly students in grade six, forms three, five and six including foundation students.

Students and tutors of Cruise Maths Academy.

However she said she can only take in 10 students at a time. Mrs. Malcolms said this is the first exhibition of its kind to be held for her academy and she is hoping to organise exhibitions of this sort in the future, possibly during the school holidays.

“Students all over will be in the city during the holidays and I am hoping to attract them to this exhibition”.

She says all along, understanding English and learning to read had been the focus for most and not so much math and students kept floundering in math. She says her focus is mainly on getting students to understand the basic concepts of math and then letting them go to tackle the subject in their own classrooms.

“Mathematics is nice and fun. I want children to know that mathematics is not difficult at all. Once they understand the concepts than all will be well”, she said.

On Saturday, the mini math exhibition with the theme ‘MATHS + You = Life’ attracted quite a few students and parents. A form seven foundation student said being an average student in math, he found out that having extra class in math has tremendously helped him understand the concepts of math. A sentiment also shared by a form five student who also have problems in understanding math.

“I have problem in understanding math that is why I am happy to be enrolled here to learn math”, he said.

Meanwhile a parent who have her son in form three said her child had been attending Cruise Math Academy since the beginning of this year in preparation for his exams.

“As a parent I saw children struggling in math and as much as possible I want to give my child the support he needs in mathematics. Since then I saw that he had come to love math mainly because he now understands the basics and functions of math and doesn’t dread math as had been before”, says Mrs. Lilly Lomulo.

Mrs. Malcolm on the other hand encourages parents to take a keen interest in Math to help their children perform better in this subject.

“So that when they grow up, they see math as something that they come across daily in life and not a subject they should be scared of. Students dread math because they do not know the concepts of it”.

She said as someone who love math, she is passionate in passing on her knowledge to the students. She said being a former teacher in various schools, she understands the need for students to have these sort of learning so that they too become passionate about Mathematics.

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