Exams to continue as scheduled


National examinations for forms three, five and six will continue as scheduled.

The ministry of education (MEHRD) announced this last night to clarify an error in an earlier report that the ministry had suspended the exams following yesterday’s 7.3 magnitude earthquake.

Speaking to this paper last night, Acting Permanent Secretary of MEHRD James Bosamata said the decision to allow all exam classes to continue as scheduled is due to the cancellation of the tsunami warning, which had been issued by the Meteorological Services at around 1.42pm afternoon on Tuesday 22nd of November.

Bosamata said that schools will go ahead as normal and schools will continue to administer exams for all streams, form-3, form-5 and form-6 as scheduled according to the revised timetable issued by the ministry.

He urged all school principals, school authorities and education authorities to adhere to the advice to ensure that exams are not affected.

He said the ministry is closely monitoring the situation as the after-shocks are still continuing.

Bosamata said schools who had their exams affected yesterday will re-sit the examination today afternoon.

“I am aware that a paper for form six was affected because of the earthquake but we have to reschedule the exam hopefully it will be sat on the next day after normal exams scheduled for the day is completed,” Bosamata said.

Optional subject, Development Studies is the only subject that was affected during yesterday’s earthquake but not many schools in Honiara offered the optional subject in their school.

It was scheduled from 2pm to 4.40pm according to the exam timetable.

The earthquake had occurred an hour into the exam. Island Sun had called some schools in Honiara and most have confirmed that they do not offer the subject.

Senior Science Teacher for St Nicholas College, Rolan Filia said that for the school all exams were completed on time and as scheduled.

“Exams for our school were not disrupted as a result of the earthquake and we do not offer development studies at our school,” Mr Filia said.

The Island Sun had contacted other schools as well to check if their exams were disrupted following the earthquake but most have already completed their exams by 11.40am.

Most exams for all the schools were scheduled from 9am to 11.40am according to the exam time table.

Honiara residents yesterday were in a state of shock and panic following the 7.3 earthquake.

Some damages have been reported on homes, businesses and properties in Honiara.

An undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.3 had occurred at 1pm Tuesday afternoon approximately 53km southwest of Honiara, Guadalcanal province, the Meteorological Services reported.

“There is no Tsunami threat to the Solomon Islands but expect unusual sea currents around most coastal waters. People are also advised to be vigilant as aftershocks are expected continue,” Met Services said.

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