Ex-senior police officers still have powerful influence over RSIPF

By Alfred Sasako

FORMER senior police officers at commissioners, deputy commissioner’s and assistant commissioner’s levels are still controlling the running of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), it was revealed this week.

“This is being done without the knowledge of the Commissioner, Mathew Varley. These ex-officers maintain a “powerful influence” over the RSIPF,” according to the latest revelation.

“Their network is extensive, close, secretive and very effective,” insiders told Island Sun.

“This group maintains a direct contact with a serving deputy commissioner, who ensures members of the network and those associated with its members are looked after.

“This is why many high profile cases never got anywhere because members of the network make sure of that.”

The insiders said ex-senior police officers infiltrated every commercial sector as well, including the controversial logging industry.

“They fix any and all the problems for their masters,” one insider told Island Sun on the weekend.

“These ex-police officers were actually recruited by the industry, not necessarily just the logging industry, but all other industries as well before they even retire from the RSIPF. They know who in the RSIPF to tap when a problem arises,” the insider said, adding the group has been operating for some years now.

The insider said one of the reasons Commissioner Varley is not aware of what is going on is because the “Commissioner is being protected from being briefed on what is going on”.

“The senior police officer representing the network in RSIPF ensures the Commissioner only hears what he needs to hear. It is a sad situation but unless the matter is dealt with, the RSIPF would continue to suffer an image problem.”

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