A local Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Ecological Solutions Solomon Islands (ESSI) has received a small grant from Global Green Grants Fund.

David Boseto of ESSI said the fund will support the group’s working in partnership with Lauru Land Conference of Tribal Community (LLCTC) to conduct Global Positioning System (GPS) training for 12 regions around the Island of Choiseul. A total of 12 trainings altogether will be conducted.

Boseto added that the training will enable each tribe to use the GPS to map their customary land boundary.

He said ESSI is currently implementing the Choiseul Province Medium Term Development Plan on Ridges to Reef on Choiseul Island.

“Stage one is a biological survey, stage two is mapping of the customary land boundaries, genealogy recording, and develop land use planning and the third step is set up of Protected Area within the Mount Maetambe to Kolobangara River Watershed.

“They have mapped 10 customary land boundaries and record their genealogy with the help of LLCTC. This is in support of one of the major fundamental vision of LLCTC mandate for each tribe on Choiseul Island. The mapping of customary land that is promoted by LLCTC is to sketch the land boundaries based on verbal and written documents of the customary land boundaries and at the same time confirming the boundaries with neighbouring tribes.”

“It is the use of GPS to map customary boundaries and the land use plan that other tribes outside of our project sites have requested. Therefore, we have to look for additional resource to fund our work so that we can reach more tribes around the island of Choiseul.Boseto said ESSI has incorporated the instruction by LLCTC and then add to it by using GPS for mapping of customary land boundaries and at the same time map the land use within the customary land owned by the different tribe.

“Our team and Lauru Land Conference of Tribal Community would like to thank Global Green Grants for funding our work on Choiseul Island,” Boseto said.

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