Environment ministry condemns chemical dump  


Chemicals that discovered— Photo courtesy Bobby Siarani

THE Ministry of Environment (MECDM) has strongly condemned the reckless dumping of chemicals near the Tuvaruhu community high school.

MECDM explains that such irresponsible and illegal dumping of chemicals is not only detrimental to the environment but also to human beings.

Chief Environment Officer of MECDM’s environment and conservation division, Debra Kereseka-Potakana said responsible authorities including police are now taking measures to bring those responsible to justice.

Mrs Kereseka said MECDM and the police fire and rescue department have secured the site and have taken an inventory of the dumped chemicals.

She said the number of the different types of chemicals identified so far by the team from the chemicals disposed at the river bank is not yet confirmed.

“Work is still ongoing to retrieve chemicals buried at four reported sites along the same area,” she said.

She said all contained chemicals will be stored safely for safe disposal.

MECDM calls on the public especially Tuvaruhu community to keep away from the site and chemicals for safety, health and wellbeing reasons.

It adds

The ministry also warns that most of the chemicals identified are dangerous to human health and are very toxic along with others which can cause severe skin burns and eye damage and even fatal if swallowed.

Besides, MECDM calls on all importers of chemicals to also put in place appropriate measures for the safe disposal of expired, unused and by-products of used chemicals.

“You import them in the first place; consequently it is your responsibility to safely dispose them,” Kereseka said.

“Stop endangering people’s lives, and degrading the integrity of the environment by such reckless action as seen at Tuvaruhu.”

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