Is environment awareness a matter for rural people in Malaita?

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A Malaita man has questioned whether the director of environment’s office has been carrying out awareness to rural people on logging operations in the provinces.

Mr Aloysio Arukeni from Sihu village in East Are Are raised the concern saying that people need to be aware of the importance of their environment.

He said logging poses a major environment problem everywhere in the country, and environmental awareness in rural communities is lacking.

“To that extent, people continue to suffer with environmental impacts since they don’t know how to live-up when comes to those situations.

“Rivers, streams or the entire surrounding in which people live are polluted by logging operations.

“Because it’s quite difficult for everyone to stop logging, except only government can do.

“And logging is a form of development as government advocates and the biggest revenue the country collect comes from logging industry.

“That clearly shows logging will continue and it will also continue to cause environmental impacts to the lives of people.”

He said on that line Environment Division if responsible for that matter they must step-up and do their work as well.

Mr Arukeni demanded that whenever logging is proposed for any area, Environment Office must conduct awareness to tell people the likely environmental impacts they will encounter.

Saying this is so that people can make choices for their good and the good of their environment.

He said this is a serious concern and the office of the Director of Environment Division must do sometime about it.

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