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Sikua calls for suspension of commissioner of forest and director of environment


THE Leader of Parliamentary Independent group Hon Dr Derek Sikua is calling on the Public Service Commission to suspend two senior government officials; Commissioner of Forest and Director of Environment, for violating the Forestry act and Environment act respectively.

This is in relation to the logging operation happening in Kakabona Village, West Honiara.

The nature of the operation looks fishy in that relevant regulations and legal requirements have not been adhered to.

Even to consult with the villagers as required by the law has not been forthcoming, says Mr Sikua.

The activities including permitting to construct the main holding roads near the river basin where currently is use by villagers in the nearby communities.

This is noncompliance to the environment and forestry acts which means the livelihood of the people has been jeopardised because of the decision made by the two senior officials.

The regulation has it that such operation should be outside the boundary of 50 metres.

It is pathetic that the two senior government officials have undermined the very acts and gave the approvals to a logging company that does not adhere to the laws of this country.

Sikua said the senior officials including any other officers who facilitated the illegal undertakings, must be suspended.

In the same manner, Sikua is questioning the Solomons Forest Association (SFA) why there is no penalty given to the concerned company when the logging code of practice has been clearly breached.

Sikua concludes by calling on the Commissioner of Police to immediately intervene and stop the illegal operation and make necessary arrest on the culprit.


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