Election candidate issued warrant of arrest

ELECTION candidate Junior Silas Ika Philip one of the contestants for East Kwaio in the 2019 National General Election was arrest and charged for one count of failing to submit election expenses and sources of funds to the Chief Electoral Officer of Solomon Island Commission.

Mr Philip is now under the warrant of arrest police yet to be executed with the warrant.

On the previous court hearing of his case, Philip pleaded guilty to the charge before PM Hilly.

Prosecution informs the court yesterday morning that, police are yet to execute the warrant of arrest. Police officer in carriage of the file told prosecution that he went to the defendant school at Mbua Valley High School but he was not there.

PM Hilly asks the prosecution if the police went further to the defendant home however, prosecution informs the court that he has no instructions regarding that part.

Court then asked the defence counsel if he contacts his client, the defence counsel informs the court that he called and text the defendant several times before coming to the court, but Philip did not answer his calls and also not responding to the text his lawyer sent to him.

PM Hilly informs both parties she except the police to execute the warrant of arrest and defence counsel to file his closing sentencing submissions to the court before 1 November.

Court suspended to 1 November 2023 at 9 am for review of warrant.  

It was alleged Philip registered as a candidate for East Kwaio Constituency in 2019 National General Election.

On July 19 and 20, 2019 Ika Junior allegedly failed to submit to the Chief Electoral Officer of the Solomon Islands Commission, a statement of account in an approved form, specifying the expenses incurred during his campaign for the National General Election and the source of all funds used to meet those expenses.

Public Prosecution appears for the Crown and Public Solicitor Office appears for the defence.

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