Election awareness begins in west Fataleka



AWARENESS programs organised by the Fataleka Peoples’ Power committee is currently underway in West Fataleka for the 2019 national general election.

Chairman of the Fataleka People’s Power Mr Robinson Ratu said that a series of awareness programmes for West Fataleka communities for Phase 1 began yesterday, and will end next month.

Phase 1 is an awareness programme to remind the communities in West Fataleka to come up with the names of possible candidates for the preliminary election which will be carried out after the registration and after the voters list is finalised.

Ratu said, “The second Phase of the Programme is the Preliminary Election, and the third phase is the declaration of a one candidate for West Fataleka to contest in the upcoming national general election representing the people of West Fataleka in the Fataleka constituency.

“Whilst the fourth phase is the fundraising drive for the campaign and the fifth phase is the campaign.

“The declaration of Mr Rex Taude of Ata’a, East Fataleka by Mr Severino Maegwali (an individual not the People’s Power Committee) to represent West Fataleka People’s Power is illegal and does not represent the interest of the people of West Fataleka because it by passes the procedures and processes under the policies and the system of the People’s Power Network.

“The delegation led by Taude to East Fataleka last month in the name of People’s Power was propaganda which is false and not right.

“The move was to deceive the people of East Fataleka because the People’s Power is yet to go through the Preliminary Election for a one candidate sometimes in December, this year and not the false move initiated by Mr Rex Taude and Mr Maegwali.

“I call on the Fataleka people to follow what has been initiated by the Fataleka peoples’ power as we are now approaching the registration period for the national general election.”

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