Education is the way forward: Dr Aqorau


LEADING scholar Dr Transform Aqorau says education is the way forward for the country to achieve better transformation.

Speaking to students during Goldie College’s graduation last week, he said Solomon Islands needs scholars in different professions to drive the country’s ambitions.

“We can be able to put this country in a better position by doing well in education,” Aqorau said.

He adds that education is one of the best weapons that can protect the country’s sovereignty from bad influence coming from the outside world.

Aqorau said the world is changing at a rapid pace with many challenges some of which are threatening the core existence of the country.

He urged students to take education seriously by putting commitments towards their studies.

“I’ve paved the way to show pacific countries that we can do whatever other developed countries can do.

“I strongly believe that you are capable of going further in your studies and I must encourage you to be serious in your education,” Aqorau said.

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