Education is everyday


IFC Vice President Asia Pacific Nena Stoiljkovic

WOMEN are encouraged to pursue education in order to reach leadership positions. This was said by the IFC Vice President Asia Pacific for young girls and women pursuing excellence in their areas of work.

Yesterday Nena Stoiljkovic was guest speaker in an event hosted by the Solomon Islands Professional Women Network (SIPNET).

Stoilijkovic said women and girls that aspire to be leaders must not only pursue the regular education but take courses online, self-taught education and constantly try to improve each day.

She says getting vocational training is one of them.

“And when you get the job that you like, try to do the best that you can. Every day you wake up and think about how you can do best the task that you have.

“Networking is important, your relationship with your superiors but most important, doing right the job that you are given and spotting the right opportunities that come.

“Not shying away from making changes and learning new things but it is really a constant learning journey.”

Stoilijkovic says learning never stops, no matter how high up one is in her position at the work place.

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