EDITORIAL- May the best candidates win!

VOTERS in South Choiseul will return to the polls today to elect their new Member of Parliament.

This by-election becomes necessary after Robertson Galokale, who was elected in the 2019 elections, lost the seat last year in an election petition case.

The High Court found Galokale, a businessman, guilty of bribery during the last election.

Today’s election offers voters of South Choiseul the chance to bring in a replacement, who will be their voice in parliament.

Six candidates, including one female, are vying for the seat. We wish them well and may the best candidate, wins.

Members of Parliament are the people’s representative in the highest decision-making body of the land.

They are expected to be physically fit, healthy, proactive and outspoken.

They are also expected to be mature, intelligent, wise and honest.

When they take up their place in parliament, they not only represent their constituency, but also the entire nation.

He or she becomes a national leader.

This is why voters must choose wisely when they go to the polls.

During campaigns, candidates will make all sorts of promises – some too good to be true.

But the right to choose is an individual decision.

No body should be telling you who to vote for. It’s your decision, based on your belief and conviction.

If you cast your ballot for a candidate just because that person gives you money or a bag of rice, then you are not honest with yourself. In fact, you are abusing your ballot.

To voters of South Choiseul, when you go to the polls today, think about your future and that of your children.

This is important so that you cast your ballot for the right candidate.

Apart from South Choiseul, voters in Kirugela ward in Choiseul and Tikopia/Anuta ward in Temotu, will also go to the polls today to elect their new provincial members.

These are two provincial by-elections conducted to elect new provincial members for these two wards.

Like at the national level, provincial leaders also play important roles in the governance and administration of our provinces.

It’s important we get the right people in there, who have the heart to lead at the provincial level.

With police around to provide security, we can only hope for a peaceful election day.

And may the best candidates win!

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