EDITORIAL- It’s Honiara city council again!

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IT is clear as daylight.

Since they came into power more than a year ago, the current bunch of elected Honiara City Councillors have no plan and vision for the city.

From day, they came up with self-serving decisions that benefit no one but themselves.

This is happening while Honiara is in chaos – uncontrollable public transport service, irregular rubbish collection, dirty streets and the list goes on.

Less than two years time, the city will host the Pacific Games. This event will bring in thousands of visitors from the region and abroad.

We are yet to see a plan from the current council executive as to how they are going to prepare Honiara for this big event.

What we are seeing instead are mismanagement of council funds, spending money on unnecessary projects such as the controversial Fire Extinguisher procurement, and purchasing expensive vehicles while the council does not have the funds to pay rubbish collectors.

Last year, the Auditor General found widespread abuse of power, mismanagement of funds, conflict of interest and outright failure to adhere to legal administrative procedures.

A report the former treasurer produced into how the current leadership spends money and allocate resources is even damning.

This year, the Pacific Accounts Committee (PAC) decided to conduct an inquiry into how the council manages its affairs.

PAC is yet to release its report, but what transpired during the inquiry was telling enough that the current councilors are not there to serve the city and its residents.

What’s revealing from the inquiry is the fact that despite the existence of established financial management procedures, the council leadership opted to do things their own way.

They have treated the council as their personal business.

It was relief for Honiara residents to see the city clerk Rence Sore go.

And it’s interesting to see Sore produced a report just before he left office.

Whilst the report may have no legal standing, it is a true exposure of what went on in there over the last year or so.

In fact, it was just a confirmation of what the auditors have uncovered.

Question now is why do we allow the current bunch to remain as councilors in the face of all these overwhelming evidence?

Why does it take so long to take action and dissolve the council?

A new mayor was recently elected. He has appointed his executive.

But they are the same old bunch. It’s just the leadership that has changed.

What do we expect from them?


So why are we still allowing them to run our affairs when they have absolutely nothing to offer this city?

Is this how we tackle corruption head-on?

The Government talked so much about fighting corruption. But we have seen little or no action when it comes to doing it.

Enough is enough!

This current bunch must go!