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Auki market leads in cleanliness and hygiene

JAPANESE-FUNDED Auki Market in Malaita is showing how market facilities in the country should be maintained.

Every visitor who had been to the market spoke highly of Auki market.

This newspaper can attest to those sentiments.

Last week, Auki Market received a facelift with the completion of concrete slabbing and proper drainage done to the seaside area, increasing floor area for vendors and a much cleaner area for fish and seafood vendors.

Funding for this additional upgrade came through the Markets for Change [M4C] project, an initiative funded by the Australian Government.

A security fence was also erected around the market premises, addressing security concerns for women vendors and ensuring a secure place for their produce.  

This funding support did not just come out of the blue.

It came as a result of the good work the management of Auki Market did in looking after and maintaining the facility.

We are sure the Government and people of Japan are also happy to see a facility they’ve funded well-looked after and maintained.

Of all places, a food market should be the cleanest facility one could find around.

This is because markets are where food and other household items are sold daily.

So the level and importance of cleanliness and hygiene at our food markets cannot be further stated.

Furthermore, women spent most of their days at the market selling goods.

They deserve a nice and clean environment inside the markets.

Unfortunately, most of our food markets, especially in Honiara are no way near to the level of cleanliness and hygiene seen at the Auki Market.

The current situation at the Central Market in Honiara was a tragedy.

The market building was stinky, dirty and messy.

The facility needs a complete overhaul to bring it back to an acceptable state.

The thing is, if Auki Market could be well managed and looked after, why not our Central Market?