Easter gifts for babies

The new born babies born around the Easter period at the National Referral Hospital were presented with gifts on Easter Monday.

The presentation of the gifts was made possible from a surprise visit by the students and staff of Woodford International School.

Speaking during the handing over of gifts, team leader, Jessey Koli, highlighted that this idea was initiated by the students and staff of team Mataniko.

Team Mataniko is one of the house teams of Woodford International School. Each year, the team decides on a project and the team members work towards achieving it through fundraising and donations.

“The project has to be community related, so whatever donations collected or funds raised is geared towards community service,” he stated.

“In fact what we have witnessed today is a fulfillment of last year’s project. We could not do it last year because of the Covid 19 restrictions. However, today it is a joy that these students and staff can come to present the gifts on behalf of their team members from Team Mataniko,” he added.

A student leader, Joshua Pryor, explained that the gift pack was a mixture of diapers, baby soap, baby oil and other baby necessity.

Students and staff of Woodford International School posing with the gifts. Photos supplied

“We are happy to be part of this, most especially to help a new born baby with this Easter package,” he said.

He further explained that none of this could have happened without the support of their parents as well.

And on that note thanked the parents for their continuous support towards Team Mataniko’s plans and projects.

Receiving the Easter package donations was the postnatal Nurse Manager, Gusto Roberts. She thanked the students and their teachers for their kind donation.

“We are so thankful and grateful indeed on behalf of the mothers and newborn babies who are going to benefit from your generosity,” she said.

“It is so unexpected to receive such gifts from students who are concerned about our mothers and babies and also to love and care for them during this Easter season.

“At this time, more than 2000 years ago, Jesus our master shows his love and care to die for us. Such love is indeed shown by your presence here today with the gifts you offer.”

After a brief handing over, thirty (30) Easter packs were distributed. Each new born baby received a pack. A special package was given to a baby that was born exactly on the time of the visit.

Ms Kate Ulufa’alu and Ms Nastassia Dara, two of the staffs who accompanied the students thanked the nurses and doctors of postnatal ward for giving the opportunity to visit the mothers and babies and bid all of them a happy Easter as we commemorate our risen Lord.

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