Dropouts encouraged for DFL programme



DROPOUTS from the formal education system are encouraged to join the DFL programme soon to be piloted by SINU.

The programme is called second chance learning, designed and gave another opportunity for dropouts if they mind going into the education system.

According to a media statement by heads of DFL programme currently in Auki, the Second Chance Education courses will be offered through the Distance Flexible Learning (DFL) centre at SINU.

The courses are also called pathway certificates because students can see and follow a path from one qualification to another.

There are two certificate courses under the programme, the Preparatory Community Studies Certificate (PCSC) and Tertiary Community Study Certificate TCSC).

According to the statement the PCSC was designed for form three and five dropouts and TCSC for form six and seven who want to upgrade their grades.

If the student has completed form five in PCSC, they can choose to do form six TCSC or apply to do certificate course at SINU.

The same also for TCSC, after the students upgrade from one of the streams in TCSC they can continue on to do degree courses in any university. Also they can apply for further study like the conventional form six and seven.

The Marketing and Promotion officer of DFL/SINU, Mr Jerry Pakirai said they (SINU) are also pursuing a MOU with MEHRD for scholarship privilege for students who might completed the TCSC.

He said application form for the programme already issue and interest people especially dropouts were encouraged to apply to be part of the second chance education.

He said current applicants will be the first to enter the programme as academic activity expect to start in September, 2018. The next intake expect for January 2019.

Pakirai said the DFL programme has already been introduced in Western, Choiseul and Malaita provinces and next are Isabel and Temotu as the programme looks at rolling to all provinces.

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