DPP to meet with Forensics officers


THE inquiry into the death of a couple at Mbumburu in November 2016 will continue today at the Honiara Magistrate Court.

Director of Public Prosecution Ronald Bei Talasasa who assisted the Coroner on this inquiry sought adjournment yesterday so that he can see all Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Forensics officers before continuing with the hearing today.

Yesterday a nurse and a police investigator Peter Aike testified before the coroner.

Investigator Aike told the coroner yesterday that when they attended the scene he saw blood all over the place.

Aike said there was a thumb mark at the door and was not sure whether the Forensics officers had lifted any print on that.

The Coroner, Chief Magistrate Emma Garo, also questioned the investigator whether he saw a knife at the kitchen, saw medicine on the floor and an unopened can of drink with a pink glass in the house.

Aike said he saw those things, but they never collected them as it was the work of Forensics.

He was also questioned by the Coroner whether or not Forensic officers lifted fingerprints of those items seen in the house or the blood samples on that day when the two bodies were discovered.

Aike replied that he is not aware as to whether or not those samples were collected or finger-printed by Forensics officers.

Director of Public Prosecution after the Coroner had no questions for the police investigator made an application to adjourn the hearing to today.

This is in relation to the tragic death of a couple that occurred at Mbumburu in November 2016.

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